Sunday, September 03, 2006

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One thing I have figured out is that Americans really like their super heroes. I was at a retreat earlier this year, and as an ice-breaker exercise everybody got to introduce their favorite super hero, complete with characteristic movements.

I so don't have a favorite super hero.

But I realized I had to come up with something, and do my part in breaking that ice. So I told them my favorite hero is Woodstock, and I did a little flapping of imaginary wings.

They did not think that was funny. They smiled politely because they were polite people. But they forced me to cash in a big chunk of my foreigner's discount right then and there.

I really like Woodstock, though. Once he got confused and flew into a tree. Snoopy said: "Being a bird, you'd think he'd know better." I just think that's funny.

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Dominique said...

Hello, just bloghopping. I was a bit surprised to see the title "superhero" when you had a nice picture of Woodstock. Superhero? But after reading your post, I thought, "Why not?" He could be a sidekick to Super Snoopy.