Wednesday, September 02, 2009

lost in translation? hated it.

For whatever reason I completely missed The Virgin Suicides when it came out as a movie.

I had missed the novel also, but I read it earlier this summer and loved it. So I got the film on Netflix. I watched it just now. Didn't like it.

Closing credits told me why: Sophia Coppola. I guess I really hadn't been paying attention because I had missed that one too.

I am sure she is talented and everything, but I haven't seen a movie of hers that I've liked so far. Sorry.


Isle Dance said... too...not sure why...depressing? unsolved issues?...I have to find the solution and celebrate the ending. Joy. I like joy.

Anonymous said...

I don't need resolution or happy endings, but Sophia Coppola still makes me yawn. Plus she ruined the Godfather trilogy.