Sunday, November 22, 2009

substance, substance, substance

I've read Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue. I was going to say something smart about it, but it's just really tedious. Poorly written, 400+ pages, nothing interesting.

What I remember a week after finishing the book is the constant presence of Ms. Palin's young daughter Piper, 7. Her mom mentions her often, and Piper really seems to be a spunky little girl.

And then it hit me: That's how Sarah Palin wants us to see her. Spunky little girl. That's probably what she was at that age, and it's what she wants to remain.

Sad part is, though, that when you're a grown-up all attitude isn't enough.


themaykazine said...

...Did you pay for the book? Did you at least buy it through Green Apple who donated proceeds to anti-wolf hunting campaigns?

I have to be honest, I read Michelle Malkin's "In Defense of Internment," but I was very particular about renting it from the library as opposed to racking one up for Malkin.

Like your blonde hair. :)

Lotta K said...

Thanks for liking the hair. I like it too!

Sadly, though, I did pay for the book. 9.99 or so at amazon. Now I feel very bad and wonder if I can make something out of it to make up for putting money in Palin's pocket. 440/2=220 paper cranes?