Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what is an amendment? what is the name of the ocean on the east coast of the US?

I'm studying for my citizenship interview. Here are the questions I need to know.


Birgitta said...

I took the test five years ago.
Nothing to worry about, although I did. The test took just a few minutes and then I spent the rest of the time talking about India with the examiner where she was from, and glass from Sweden which she loved.

I love your website and choice of music.

Lotta K said...

Thanks! I'm not really worried, I'm more excited to be doing this, finally. I love my booklet! There are also flash cards online to help you study. Lots of stuff are common sense, but I am learning things too. Where are you? How long have you been in the US?

Birgitta said...

I'm in CA, in the LA area.
Have lived here, there, for 40 years. Why didn't I become a citizen before? Laziness I guess.
Made sure I became one though, so I could vote for Obama.
In Ostersund right now for a couple of weeks.