Saturday, December 18, 2010

shame on you

One thing Christians learn in December is that we should open our doors to those who need shelter. I remember the lesson from a book read to my class in grade school. The title of the book was 'Mary's Donkey', and the story was told from the perspective of the donkey carrying Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Each night the little group would look for shelter, and each night they would be turned away. Our teacher would read a section every day all through December, and the lesson for us kids was clear: Do better. Open your doors. Let people in.

Mexican American immigrants in California celebrate Las Posadas in December. Las Posadas is an enactment, over several days, of Mary's and Joseph's journey from house to house. They are repeatedly turned away, until finally they are let in at a house at the end of each day's procession. At that house there is a party with food, music, and candy for the kids.

The DREAM Act was a bill that would have provided a chance for children of undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship in the United States. The bill proposed that if you were brought to the US as a child, and if you completed at least two years of higher education or military service, you would earn the right to apply for a green card, and ultimately citizenship.

The DREAM Act was voted down by the Senate today.

It's a week before Christmas, in a country where no politician dares say they don't believe in God. Christians vote against core Christian values, in the middle of the holiest of seasons. And think nothing of it.


Anna-Lena Heydar said...

Vi behöver en ny Jesus som påminner oss om vad som är viktigt i livet! Men frågan är om någon ens skulle lyssna till honom idag? Det ser mörkt ut i Juletiden, inte bara i USA, utan i resten av världen också.
Fler och fler fascister visar sitt tryne igen i Europa och trumpetar ut att "Vi" är mycket bättre än "De" är.

Lotta K said...
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Lotta K said...

Jag har haft flera studenter utan medborgarskap, eftersom mitt katolska universitet ger stipendier. De får sin examen, och kommer sedan ut i ett samhälle där få vill anställa dem. En kille som gick ut i våras läser nu juridik, med fullt stipendium. Alla de här ungdomarna hoppades på the dream act, för att lagen skulle inneburit att de kunde söka jobb som alla andra, resa, osv.