Saturday, April 16, 2011

art, exercise, and cancer

I saw my oncologist last week, and we were talking about exercise and weight. Cancer survivors need to exercise regularly.

Like most people I have a hard time fitting everything I want to do into the limited number of hours I have free everyday. I told my doctor I spend a lot of time on photography, and that it eats into my exercise time. She said it's great that I do photography: "It's good for you to be doing something that you really enjoy".

So there I was, with my cancer doctor. Who told me that to stay healthy, I should exercise. And do art.

Ironic, isn't it, that art, and physical education, are the two areas that public schools cut first when they need to cut somewhere.

If you want to create lifelong healthy habits, and healthy people, you need to let the kids learn how to enjoy art, and physical exercise. It won't matter if they know how to do math if they're dead.


Tom Myler (scoodog) said...

Amen! I couldn't agree more regarding the priorities you mention.

Also, a thought: To some extent, perhaps photography is exercise -- for your mind!

Lotta K said...

I'm sure!

cecilia said...

Oh, I agree! Well put.

But why not combine the two? Bring your camera while walking, and get both done at the same time - why do you think so many of my pictures are from Ocean Beach:)
But if you're talking spinning or body scuplt I guess it will be more difficult.

Lotta K said...

But I do, Cecilia! 99% of all my photos are from the hills right here where I live. There is one bit of trail in particular that I've taken a hundred pictures of... and I think at least one of my photography teachers got a little bit tired of it. I heard her say (under her breath, but still) something about not needing to "see another road" once!

Igor said...

I've been looking at your pictures (and those made with Hipsta, and the present, more beautiful and serious) from 2009, since when I myself was too active with the iPhones and all of the hype around "iphoneography", well, you know :) Now I take not less, but publish less - the choice is very important not only and not for others as much for me as an "artist". Your photos for me are not separate but rather as a continuous film, as the unhurried flow. They are accurate in lights, and transparent.

And the unhurried flow surrounding you reality and unreality, presented seemingly static images, it is becoming more interesting and profound. You're doing fine and you will be well, Charlotta. Igor a.k.a. twitter:igr_a

Ullah said...

I'm not sure if physical exercise at school is the best way for young people to learn how to enjoy it. My youngest son refuses to participate. I remember that I hated it too.

eva i Aten said...

I believe that a really good teacher in physical exercise could make everyone in a class to really enjoy it! IF they have chosen the right job and love children also, not only sports...
Sitter här mitt i natten och surfar runt och hamnade här, Lotta! Du har inte skrivit på ett tag ser jag, hoppas allt är bra med dig!

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