Wednesday, October 11, 2006


One thing that happens in American grocery stores and that really irritates me is that cashiers will comment on what you buy. Somehow they figure that if it comes down that conveyor belt it's fair game. Yesterday I had picked up a loaf of bread with olives in it. (It's really tasty.) The cash-out woman took one look. "That's interesting", she said.

As a comment "interesting" pretty much equals "different", I think. It's plain disapproving. So there I am, again, having to defend my taste to the person who is taking my money. Isn't there somehow something real un-American about that?


Becki said...

I totally agree with you. I buy frozen snacky foods for Brad - hot wings, taquitos, etc. - and it's like the cashier is trying to figure out my life. "So, you live with your boyfriend don't you?" as they are ringing up my frozen treats. It's none of their business! And maybe I just like hot wings! Totally offensive.

Lotta K. said...

Last night the girl looked through my items and said "Making soup?". So I lied and said yes. When she was done with me she started reading the text on the box of flu medicine the girl after me in line was getting. For a long while.

There are some cashiers I avoid. I am sure they can tell. (Like when they are free and I choose to stand in line nextdoor.) But they're just too creepy.