Tuesday, June 12, 2007

that's what 's sick

On The Larry King Show on Monday night several people discussed the Paris Hilton case. One of them was Susan McDougal, a woman who was involved in the Whitewater deal with her then husband and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Susan McDougal spent something like 21 months in prison. On Larry King she spoke about that experience. She was angrier than the Reverend Al Sharpton, who was on the same show. He barely got a word in.

She told two stories. One about a pregnant woman who was bleeding, and one about a woman unconscious from a drug overdose. In neither case medical help was called, and Susan was told to "help the best she could".

Ms. McDougal was a white, middle class, educated, woman in prison along with mostly young working class women of color. What she saw shocked her. But to the women of color what happened was normal. "It's all about class and race", Susan McDougal yelled on CNN. Rarely do we see white people that enraged over inequality.

What they were talking about on that show? The fact that Paris Hilton was let out of jail for "medical reasons".

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