Tuesday, November 25, 2008

biggest american family holiday of the year, minus two days. or: why I didn't buy any tea.

The aisles at my local Safeway were super busy today, and also blocked by women on cell phones. At one point I was locked in by two animated discussions. As I picked up my water, the phrases and key words I caught were "... and for you to INVITE HER...!!", and "... his basketball practice...!!", respectively.

I turned the corner, but gave up on getting all the way down to the juices and teas.

Back to the water aisle. "...MANIPULATIVE!!" the conversation there continued.

I left.

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Anonymous said...

mm, holidays. this is the first thanksgiving i'm not spending with any immediate family. spending it with bill's friends - all east coast transplants - closer to where we live. signs that times are a-changin'!