Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am expecting something from you, now, mr obama

Today I had to fill a couple of prescriptions in downtown Los Gatos, the well to do small town where I live. As I sat there waiting lots of other people picked up their pills too.

I couldn't help noticing that quite a few people lacked health insurance, paying $200-300 for what they needed. One man didn't have the $150 that his medicine cost. He was nicely dressed and had a small boy with him. He made an offer to pay $50, but of course that wasn't accepted. He left without his medication.

Me? I paid $20. Insurance picked up the rest.


Mary Pope-Handy said...

Sometimes the high cost of meds exists even with health insurance. Recently I came down with shingles, and with insurance, my anti-viral medicine was well over $200.

Lotta K said...

I had no idea...

I am sorry to hear about the shingles. I know it can be painful.