Wednesday, January 06, 2010


So, Dan and I went on a road trip the week before Christmas. We took off from the Bay Area, and drove south. Our first stop was Monterey, where we stayed at a hotel with a fireplace in each room. That was pretty much all I wanted from the vacation.

It didn't rain, we walked a lot and had a lot of good food. They sold tamales in the street at the farmer's market.

From Monterey we drove further south, and ended up i Cambria, Calif. It's a cute little town where you can easily imagine yourself living. It looks like a lot of people run little businesses out of their houses. There are artists, and designers, coffee shops and restaurants.

Main street runs parallel to Highway 1, and that's where all the restaurants are. We had a super breakfast, and a cozy dinner.

There are lots of hotels in Cambria. We stayed at one called Cambria Palms. It wasn't a random choice, we had actually been invited to come and check it out, and we didn't pay for the two nights we stayed there.

The place is owned and run by a young couple from Santa Barbara, and they are renovating and updating a classic California motel. It's cool, and it's going to be even cooler as they keep working, you can tell.

Hearst Castle is close by, so we went there. The view from there is amazing, and the house is crazy.
While on the trip I became obsessed with the Hipstamatic app for the iphone. Hence the photos. It's all I've been doing since.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I think I have to get in on this Hipstamatic business now.

Lotta K said...

You do.

cecilia said...

i love the pictures, can i do that without iphone (i guess not..:)). Sounds like a nice trip - happy 2010!!

Lotta K said...

Hi Cecilia, thanks for liking them! You could do a lot in photoshop, but I am not sure I;d have the patience. I don;t know what kind of filters and shortcuts are available, but I found this flickr discussion thread:

Anonymous said...

Which filter did you use for the scratchy edge? I've been doing lots of the Shibuya black scratchy edge, but I'm probably getting too comfortable with it. :)

And to Cecilia - if she has a Mac, there's a fun free application called Poladroid that automatically saves/"develops" photos as Polaroids. :)

Lotta K said...

The scratchy edge is the kodak film. I couldn;t get myself away from the kodak/john s combo at first, I like it so much.

and cecilia does have a mac, I am pretty sure!