Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm back, sort of

So, I've been a bad blogger recently. The quarter started, and I've been busy with that. And I've spent most of my computer time updating my photo sites. I'm obsessed with the Hipstamatic application for the Iphone, and I post photos on my homepage, on Flickr, and on my smugmug pages daily.

I love the quality of the hipstamatics, and the fact that you don't have complete control over what you're doing. I've had to unlearn always angling for the pretty framing.

The photo above is from a cemetery in Moss Landing, Calif. Moss Landing is on the coast, north of Monterey but south of Watsonville. Lots of Italian, Portuguese, and Mexican immigrants around there have been, and are, working in farming and fishing. There were lots of Catholic gravesite traditions: fake flowers, angels, and madonnas.

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