Thursday, January 26, 2012

sinuses (1)

I'm mighty tired of my sinuses. Whenever the weather changes, they give me hell. They also give me hell whenever there is pollen around, especially tree pollen. Today I've used all home remedies I know, and three kinds of over the counter medications. The home remedies? Flushed the nose with salt water, ate spicy food, went for a walk, took a shower and let the water drum on my forehead. Also avoided stress.


Katie H said...

There are two things that might help: pressure points on the infraorbital foramen (under the eye windows), and supraorbital dito. I've used it many times on friends with sinus problems - and often, it works. There's an incredible feeling, almost like a vacuum, when the pressure disappears.

Find the foramen (it will feel like a small "grop" in your bone), gently but firmly press straight in, increasing pressure slowly until you're at the "sköntont" stage, or the threshold of what's possible without flinching. Hold that pressure for about a minute, then slowly, slowly release, all with your eyes closed. You'll realize that it almost feels like you're pulling outwards at the end, since your brain thinks your back to starting position before you actually are.

Also, eliminating all dairy products does wonders, for some. Good luck!

Lotta K said...

Thank you so much for this. I've tried it several times, and even though I don't get a dramatic effect right away, within a few minutes I feel it helping. I hope I do it right though, it's kind of hard to find that grop...! Also giving up dairy to see if that makes a difference.

Katie H said...

So glad it helps, and horrified at my typo - it's you're, not your (...back to starting position...).

Oh well.

Thought of a third thing, for the spring and summer. You can buy local bee pollen from some bee keepers, which helps "immunize" you toward the local pollen. Keep it in the fridge, and mix it in smoothies. I recommend buying it locally though, since it will only have an effect on those varieties, but I've never tried the internet-available ones.

If the problems persist, maybe it's time for acupuncture/acupressure.

Hope it går vägen!