Tuesday, January 24, 2012

they're cool, so whatever

I just ordered a pair of on sale, yet still over-priced, updated and hipified Swedish clogs. According to the blurb they're based on a 1970s clog "found in a barn in southern Sweden."

There was a time when I refused to buy clothing that I had owned once before - basically anything 70s or 80s retro. Not only have I broken that promise to myself, now I also indulge in fake backstories and chose to believe that the barn in the above sentence was old and quaint, instead of the more realistic image of a boxy outlet where the clogs were sharing shelf space with equally unsellable take 3 pay for 2 white y-fronts.

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frktjatlund said...

Jag har också svårt för återupplivade modeprylar. Speciellt inte från fula 80-talet. Då travade jag runt i permanentat hår, blus med axelvaddar och träskor.