Thursday, April 16, 2009


One of my students gives tours on campus for prospective students and their families. The other day she told me that a grateful mom had presented her with a bag of homemade cookies after one such tour. Job well done.

This reminded me of when one of my gay students had decided that he wanted to come out to the class. So one day he did, and as he was speaking the room was dead silent. Everyone, me too, was affected by his courage and honesty.

The next time the class met a girl brought him a plate of cookies. He accepted, puzzled.


Anonymous said...

I remember. I remember the cookie-giver too; her name is S**b**n.

- Mexican in Davis

Lotta K said...

Yeah and the plate had one of those shower caps on it and I had to ask P McB if that was normal and he said it was.

Anonymous said...

I miss P McB. Sigh.

- Still Mexican in Davis.

Lotta K said...

Awww me too. Good days.