Monday, March 01, 2010

getting competitive - final update

So I've been asking everybody I know to vote for me in the hipstamatic photo contest. Or, to be honest, I've probably asked everybody I know twice. Or thrice.

The competition will be over Tuesday night. Three photographers will be featured on the website as winners. On Sunday night it looked like I was in fourth place. On Monday afternoon, one of my photos comes in third, but now I'm down to fourth again. Arrgg!!

If you want to help and vote for me, please click on the link here, and then click on the magnifying glass to the right on top of the screen. If you search for 'charlotta kratz' my photos will pop up. You can give all of them five stars. No need to pick favorites! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

how do you know that you are in 4th place? I just went and voted but the website design is horrible. I wish they would make it easier to look up the photos by artist instead of just scrolling through an entire list of scrambled photos in order to find the ones you want to vote for!

Landis said...

oops, i didn't know my name would be anonymous!


Lotta K said...

Hi Landis and thanks for voting! There should be a search function, if you click on the magnifying glass next to the box on the top right? Enter 'charlotta kratz', and my photos should come up.

You can also change the drop-down menu from 'random' to top-rated. That's how I figured I was in 4th place. But, you never know I guess. It's not like they come out and tell you.

Anne said...

Superfina bilder!
....och nu har jag också röstat!

Lotta K said...

Tack Anne! Tävlingsnerven sätter in!