Sunday, March 07, 2010


The Keep Calm and Carry On poster was designed in 1939 by the British Ministry of Information. The idea was to use them should the Germans invade Britain during WW2. But, since that never happened the posters were never mass-distributed.

At a Barnes & Noble that I went to yesterday they had red notebooks with the same text on them. And they had red bookmarks in the same style.

When I saw those things I remembered a poster in a magazine a while back, on a wall in the London apartment of Jo Malone, the woman with the perfume line. So, I went online to do a little research.

I found that there is an entire line of products. Some of them are for sale in the US through

I've never lived through a war. But, it's ironic to me that a culture that promotes drama queen-ness, excess, and hysteria (Housewives, anyone?) puts British calm up for sale.

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