Thursday, March 25, 2010

learn one thing in comm class: context context context

A few years ago I was at a large dinner party, and it so happened that the two people I was making dinner conversation with were both identical twins. It was interesting, and I started feeling like there was something wrong with there only being one of me.

Yesterday I was walking around with three other people who I have just met. It struck me that all three of them own, and fly, their own planes.

So, yeah, what's considered normal is totally a matter of where you are, and who you're with.

(They're tall, too, the pilots. At 5'8" I was the short one.)


Kjelleman said...

What's it like living in a country that STILL haven't gone metric? It would confuse the hell out of me!

Lotta K said...

It;s super confusing the first ten years. Then you give in and learn to do math in your head. But me + the oven=still not friends. The funny thing is that some people use metric distance units to sound clever or interesting, or to make it sound as if they're all into surgical or military operations. (Millimeters, and meters, respectively.)