Monday, May 11, 2009

make believe, and not in a good way

This morning my office mate asked me about something she'd seen on PBS on Sunday night. It had been a crime story set in Sweden, but with English speaking actors. She was confused.

She said it was weird, and wondered if they just couldn't find Swedish actors. Then she said the entire thing looked like a continuity problem, meaning that the occasional appearances (in documents, on a newspaper) of the Swedish language looked like they had been included by mistake. And the premise is an odd one: Actors speak English, but live in a Swedish environment.

Oh, wait, that isn't odd at all. That's reality. The world is bilingual.


Dan lasted 20 minutes. I lasted 21 minutes. Either it wasn't very good, or I am Americanized now and that's why I couldn't handle the slower than molasses pace.

Rape seed fields were stunning, though.


Margoth said...

Boring! I lasted for 30 minutes, maybe less. Fell asleep.

Lotta K said...

I think I liked the books... sad that it turned out that bad.