Monday, May 04, 2009

wash your hands after you eat too

First there was Piglet (thanks Robyn for reminding us). And then there was Babe, hero of my favorite film of 1995. And now there is the flu.

For some reason all of it just makes me want to go live on a farm.

Real dirt doesn't scare me. But the menu that I am handed at the restaurant where I have lunch, out of which someone else's crumbs fall, that makes me nervous.

No, I don't think I'll catch the flu. But those crumbs do make me think.


cecilia said...

Yeah, old crumbs is not inviting - I'm with you! The flu doesn't bother me though.

Lotta K said...

I've gotten a tiny bit more careful since I was sick last year. Not that I want to, but I realize I react that way.