Thursday, May 14, 2009

today's poem

I expect to pass through life but once.
If, therefore, there be any kindness I can show,
or any good thing I can do for any fellow being,
let me do it now... as I shall not pass this way again.

British religious leader William Penn (1644-1718)


Caitlin said...

Hey Lotta.
Nice poem. I came to your space for the first time in a long while, perhaps over a year--most likely over a year.
I hope all is well with you. I didn't know that you got cancer. That's terrible. I'm glad to know you've survived.

I listened to your entire playlist on your blog while I did my work today. Or rather, while I barely got any work done.

I'm looking at an album Gay Black and Married: my life with the Thrill Kill Kult" It looks like a funk album.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hey.

Lotta K said...

Hi Caitlin, I am so glad to hear from you... it's been a while! I am doing great, actually. I had a check up mammogram recently and it was fine. I have hair again and I've lost most of the weight I gained from all the meds and lack of exercise.

Did you LIKE my playlist or was it just there? I like most of it, it takes too much time to work on it or else I'd change it daily.

Anonymous said...

Jag hittade din hemsida av en slump. Vilka fina bilder och underbar playlist! Tyckte också mycket om William Penns fina dikt, tack för den.
Katarina i San Diego

Lotta K said...

Hej Katarina! Tack! Och så roligt att du hittade min blogg!


Caitlin said...

In regards to the Playlist:
Oh yes! I liked almost all of your selections. Very good playlist.