Saturday, May 09, 2009

any info=too much info

Maureen Dowd writes in The New York Times about Elizabeth Edwards, and her new book. Ms. Dowd says it's a 'complicated question', and I agree.

I identify with Mrs. Edwards. I've had breast cancer, and I've had the experience of learning that I've been lied to over a long period of time (it was long ago, but still, it happened).

The interview on Oprah was hard to watch. Something isn't right. And I hate thinking that, because it makes me speculate about the Edwards's marriage, and their psyches. I wish I hadn't seen that interview. And I guess that also means that I wish she hadn't written the book.

On second thoughts: I know what didn't sound right to me. It was when she said she wanted to "protect him", protect the husband who had betrayed her. How about she protecting herself, and he taking care of the mess he created?


Annabel said...

It's a noble thing to protect someone you love...even if they don't deserve it in any way.

Lotta K said...

I agree, but I am stuck on the 'don;t deserve it' part.