Monday, September 10, 2007

I am tired

I got a bottle of this product today. It's called Once a Year Car Polish. I thought it would be appropriate. It's been about that long since I cleaned the pretty red car.

My neighbors came home from work, left for the gym, and came back from the gym again while I was buffing. My face was sweating.

The car looks OK now. I hope my shoulders and upper arms will too. Maybe that will be a reason to do it sooner. It is a great workout.


Cicci said...

hi! i have a question - how did you get your blog at I don't get it :/ can i just do as I did in an inlagg at

Lotta K said...

Cicci, jag vet inte hur fungerar och hur man gör länkar, men en länk är vad du behöver göra. Dvs texten som du har kopierat in på din blogg borde vara en länk istället som leder till (Fråga igen om det lät luddigt...)