Saturday, September 01, 2007

I suggest a light birthday dinner

My nephew and I made a marängsvisstårta for his brother's birthday. He had asked for marängsviss but we figured you should have cake for your birthday so we made it into one. It was very good. Even the grown ups had seconds.

For this very special treat you make meringues and a meringue cake base, and then you layer the meringues, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, bits of banana, and chocolate sauce on top of the base. Ice cream and bananas are optional, but the birthday boy likes them. His big brother put extra optional bits of banana around the edge (and fewer inside, we can assume).

If you want hints on making meringues, just ask me. If you know how to use 6 extra egg yolks without ruining your low cholesterol diet, please tell my mother.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all your pictures and postings from your trip! It was a nice escape from work for a few minutes. I liked that your nephew was making dessert for his brother. You don't see that too much in the US. Miss Ya - Noel

Lotta K said...

Thanks Noel! I miss you too!

Those boys like cooking, especially the older one. My brother does too, actually.

I think if you went to Sweden you would be shocked by the number of men you would see taking care of kids, shopping for groceries, biking, walking, with another male (straight) friend and his kids. Gender roles are very different. I cannot help think it is good for kids to see that growing up, and sad, as you say, that you do not see a lot of it in the US.