Saturday, September 01, 2007

just one of the things that didn't fit into the suitcase

I got this at my parents' small local Konsum super market. It's an example of that 'ethnic' trend where you mix cultures, flavors, and traditions every which way you like. I really wanted to know what it tastes like. My mom really wanted to know how she was supposed to pronounce it. That is, she understood the idea was to make the Italian word English sounding but that made her confused.

And yes you may wonder why it has to be English at all.

But the reason is, obviously, that the Swedes are not offered anything Mexican here, they are offered something acutely American. So, next time someone asks that question 'what is American food anyway?', you have your answer: It's Mexican Lasagne, sold in Sweden, in a box. Add your own milk, beef, and cheese. The Mexican part is the spice packet.

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