Friday, September 07, 2007

look here, anne

So this is my one remaining and damn it hard to photograph orchid. If you look closely though you can see that it has two bud things going on. Those appeared after the poor thing hadn't had water in a very long while, and the dirt was getting seriously low around its feet. I put more dirt in and started watering it earlier this week. Since then the buds have grown like crazy.

I have read that orchids thrive on neglect. Maybe that is so. When I think of it, this one seems to just go ahead and bloom every September, no matter what. Previous years I have given watering people lots of credit and thanks when I've returned from holidays to enjoy the pretty flowers. This year I am not to credit Dan for neglecting it for me. I am just going to accept the inner workings of nature, and take pictures.


Anne said...

Wow, vilka bilder. Du fångade din speciella orkidee riktigt bra. Jag kan tydligt se hur den beter sig. Det där med att din verkar blomma i september, no matter what, det är helt fascinernade.
Orkideer upphör inte att fascinera mig, jag tror jag börjar lite besatt faktiskt. Haha.
Du får hålla mig uppdaterad med bilder hur den förändras och beter sig :)

Lotta K said...

Absolut! Den var väldigt snygg från början med en lila och en vit planta i samma kruka. Men den ena har jag dödat...