Saturday, September 22, 2007

new photos at smugmug

I am updating my smugmug photo site this weekend. There are several galleries up with new flowers, new places, but very few people. (I think it's hard to take photos of people.) And there is more to come.

Anyway. Click here if you want to take a look.

I am getting ready to sell prints too. It comes with the package at smugmug, wouldn't you know, so if you want you can order through the site.

I like smugmug a lot because the site is really pretty, but the browsing logic is a little weird. Or maybe I haven't been able to set it up right. Please let me know if it doesn't make sense to you.


Toini said...

Oh I looked at some of your photos on smugmug. They where beautiful. I will spend more time later and look more.

I did get a page on smugmug before we went on holiday and it is so fun to add photos and show them there.

Lotta K said...

Thanks Toini!

Isn't smugmug great? I am addicted. It's so much fun.